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Bright Light's administrative officers and Ministries


Deacon Board Chair ------------------------- Deacon Corey Champion

Deacon Board Vice Chair –----------------- Deacon  Tyrone Johnson


Trustee Board Chair -------------------------- Trustee Ernest Truesdale                                    

Trustee Board Vice Chair –------------------ Trustee Wilbert Twitty


Deaconess Board Co-chairs --------------- Deaconess Beverly Cunningham

                                                                  Deaconess Clara Watts


Church Treasurer ------------------------------ Trustee Charles Smith

Financial Secretary --------------------------- Cindy Frazier

Church Clerk/Asst. Financial Secretary-- Clarice Watts

Finance Director ------------------------------- Brenda McCain


Back Pack Buddies Ministry --------------- Deacon Vernon Cunningham


Benevolence Ministry ------------------------ Deacon Vernon Cunningham

                                                                 Deacon Roy Hinson

                                                                 Deacon Donnie Ingram


Brotherhood Ministry ------------------------- Herman Sowell


Decorating Committee ----------------------- Deaconess Catherine Huggins

                                                                  Deaconess Nancy Smith

                                                                  Jean Cureton

                                                                  Carolyn McGriff

                                                                  Theresa Sanders

Sunday School Superintendent ------------Deacon Howard Waiters

Asst. Sunday School Superintendent ----

Sunday School Secretary ------------------- Faye Belton

Asst. Sunday School Secretary  ----------- Betty Reid


The Golden Glories -------------------------- Deacon Donnie Ingram


The Words of Wisdom Book Club -------- Deacon Vernon Cunningham


Usher Board Chairman --------------------- Trustee Wilbert Twitty

Usher Board Asst./Co-Chair --------------- Carolyn McGriff

Junior Ushers --------------------------------- Trustee Charles Harris


Women's Ministry ---------------------------- Deaconess

Pearls Ministry -------------------------------- Deaconess Beverly Cunningham

                                                                Deaconess Betty Johnson


Vacation Bible School -----------------------                                                         


Van Ministry ----------------------------------- Trustee Ernest Truesdale

Youth Ministry Facilitators ------------------ Shirley Jones

                                                                Teresa McIlwain

First Aid Ministry ----------------------------- Deaconess Clara Watts

                                                                Deaconess Rochelle Johnson



Flower Committee --------------------------- Betty Reid

                                                               Carolyn McGriff


Hospitality Ministry -------------------------- Deaconess Yvonne Hinson



Kitchen Ministry ----------------------------- 



Music Ministry

Pianist/Keyboard--------------------------- Duan Barrino

                                                             James Ingram

Drummer ------------------------------------- Marquis McCain

Mass Choir Director ----------------------  Deaconess Beverly Cunningham

Choir Lights ----------------------------------Theresa Sanders

Praise Team --------------------------------- Deacon Donnie Ingram


Nursery Ministry ---------------------------- 



Praise Dance Ministry -------------------- 

Round Up Ministry –----------------------- 

Sound Booth Technicians --------------- Kendrick Brevard

                                                             Trustee Ernest Truesdale

Marriage by God's Design Ministry --- Howard Waiters

                                                              Vanessa Waiters

                                                              Rev. William S. Coleman

                                                              First Lady Maxine Coleman

Interested in one of these ministries?
Please contact us if you are interested in joining.
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